ISC Communications: Call Center Coverage

Irene, ISC’s premier product, needed a major overhaul to expand the business and continue its best-in-class status. In short, the project is a calendar to manage employee coverage. Call centers’ staffing issues include lack of coverage, high turnover, staff location, break times, training times and staff expertise (ex. foreign language proficiency). Management needed a quickly-scannable and easy-to use interface. The resulting solution saved management hundreds of hours of tracking and placement tasking, and put resources where they were needed the most.

Solid wireframes provided the architecture. The application brought in several legacy databases—with the attendant issues that required solutions. The final design has an icon-based absence system, running coverage totals, and a simple units of time that can be added, edited, copied or dragged into position. Low coverage times were indicated by a color coding system and negative number callouts.

Teams Involved:
C-suite / Founders
Information Architecture
User Experience
User Testing
Full-stack developers
Engineering Group
End-user groups